"DCC has been supplying and serving us for several years now.  We stopped using them for two seasons due to the fact that we were remodeling our facilities and told" by a different Vendor "that the Pulsar Briquette system was the way to go.  The countless hours of maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing and cleaning the systems during normal business hours and countless overtime hour was enough.  This system was not able to keep up to our bather demand and required too many man hours to maintain.  

I called DCC up and they came right out and we revisited our system and came to the conclusion that Sodium Hypochlorite was what we needed.  We changed out our system in the Winter of 2008.  We added new storage tanks and peristaltic pumps to the system.  This past summer was a breeze for us.  I feel our patrons are safer and our system is virtually maintenance free.  No more cleaning hoppers, unclogging lines, running out of briquettes and lifting those 100lb buckets.  

DCC is always there when we need them.  Whether it is a pool service that is needed or chemical delivered they do it!  Their staff is top notch and knowledgeable about their products. I have learned a lot from Justin and the DCC team and think they have learned from me too.  I look forward to DCC’s business and future assistance on all my aquatic needs!"

City of Carrollton